Recent News

  • [April 2021] Our paper titled Improving Solar Cell Metallization Designs using Convolutional Neural Networks has been accepted at Deep Learning for Simulation (SimDL) Workshop at International Conference on Learning Representations. ICLR .

  • [February 2021] Our paper titled Rotation Equivariant Siamese Networks for Tracking has been accepted at IEEE conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition CVPR .

  • [November 2020] Joined Serket Tech, an AI livestock monitoring startup as Deep Learning Research Intern.


  • Researcher in Multimedia Forensics [Jan 2017 - Present]

    ASGARD - Analysis System for GAthered Raw Data
    PROJECT - Predicting behavior patterns of extremist users in internet discussion forums

  • Analyst [Jul 2015 - Nov 2016]

    Opera Solutions
    PROJECT - Accelerated Risk Management System for Audit Engagements

  • Research Intern [May 2014 - Jul 2014]

    Nanayang Technological University
    PROJECT - Deep Neural Networks Based Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

  • Research Intern [May 2013 - Jul 2013]

    Philips Research
    PROJECT - Predicting the Needle Guidance Path for 3D Ultrasound Medical Image Analysis